Thursday, 24 April 2014

How Old is the Essence of You?

(Image by Oleg Oprisco)

'N.B. To be read whilst Bryan and Katie Torwalt's 'Weight of Glory' plays in the background.'

How old is the essence of you?

How old is the essence of you!
The age of a spirit, it cannot be measured.
I came from a place, boundless of time
From glory, and
Back to glory will I return.
To the glory of the Eternal, Uncreated One.

"Let no man despise you of your youth!" They say.
But what did You say?

I dance, I revel in You, and
For that sacred moment
I realise, unawares
I am nothing but a spirit.

A spirit set free!
A spirit borne witness to.
I am known; I long to know

For the glory of One I came
For Him and Him alone to be exalted!
For that intimacy to be deeper
For me to understand just how loving You are!
For it not to be taken for granted,
It was all I had known, now it is all I know.

"So let the weight of Your glory
Come and settle on us now..."

love & light...♥

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