Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Life is Fleeting

So much in life is fleeting. You've got to pick early on before people tell you, you should. You've got to start deciding what you're going hold on to; whether its that friendship or relationship you're in, or that dream you have. - Zac Hanson

love & light...♥

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

TM + TN | Matt Wertz

I am so excited to share Matt Wertz this Tuesday evening! I've been a fan of his since he toured with Hanson in 2008! His music is so beautiful, cuts deep to the soul. Matt recently released a new promo EP on Noisetrade. Listening to it only a day in, I have loved every chord, beat and nuance of each song, down to the ones I previously know by heart.
With this EP, he released the new song 'Whenever You Love Somebody' which I had to share with you. Here's a little bit about the song too:

"Whenever You Love Somebody, from Whenever/Wherever, April 1, 2013
When I set out to start writing this new album, I kept finding myself drawn to the singer-songwriters from the late 80's; Richard Marx, Bryan Adams, Kenny Loggins, etc. In an attempt to channel their genius, I bought a chorus guitar pedal, broke out my Fender Stratocaster and started programming drum grooves to write to. I love this song because it really nails the whole 80's ballad thing I was going for- you gotta crank it up Higher, HIGHER! "

Check out more of Matt's music at
Download the EP from Noisetrade: Matt Wertz 'Collection'

"You risk it all to feel that fire
This crazy falling takes you higher, higher..."

love & light...♥


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