Sunday, 13 July 2014


Sewn to Your side,
I hear You.

Sewn to Your side,
I hear You.
Louder than any other.
Clearer than all the others.
How You care for me.

Intimately known,
Finely intertwined.
A fusion as such,
Is this love affair.
How You care for me.

My beloved,
I am Yours,
You are mine.

love & light...♥

Thursday, 15 May 2014

We Dance.


"And I've been told
To pick up my sword & fight for love
Little did I know that love had won for me

Here in Your arms You steal my heart again
And I breathe You in like I've never breathed now

When my faith gets tired and my hope seems lost
You spin me round and round and remind me of that song
The one You wrote for me and we dance.."

In the broken places, in the tension, know that God is fighting for your heart in all the secret places. That something beautiful inside of you is forming. He will never leave you as you are but will restore you. Give you knew strength and courage to be brave and face fear.

love & light...♥

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Limbs and Branches | Jon Foreman

(Image Source)

Limbs and Branches.
Years out of date, I have finally taken time to sit and listen to this beautiful record by Jon Foreman, of Switchfoot.
A collection of songs that didn't exactly fit on some of the Switchfoot records. I've always found lovers of Christ, who are musicians, poets (outdside of worship), have a distinct and new revelation of who God is in the songs and music they create. It's the way they're written, like an obvious yet hidden truth. It is already evident in Switchfoot songs, I wouldn't expect less from Jon Foreman.

A beautiful record, I'd advise everyone listens to!

"Two things You told me: that You are strong 
And You love me, yes, You love me.
Your love is, Your love is, Your love is strong..."

love & light...♥

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Breaking the Binding, Through Smoke.

N.B. to be read with NEEDTOBREATHE'S 'Through Smoke' playing in the background. This came to me a few years ago, now I have managed to complete it.

To my left, to my right.
I am surrounded by the noise.

I yell,
But will I ever be heard?
Yell, and I will never be heard.

"A thousand teachers and very few fathers.."
Finding it harder to hear You.
So, I stop.

How did I get here? Lost?!.
It echoes. I wait, I listen,
For a voice, so small.

On the floor. Desperate.
Fumbling, searching, for what I should know.
With that, I break the binding.

You separate my right from wrong.
You define the truth from their answers.
You are my liberation.

"When I'm lost in a place that I thought I knew, give me some way that I might find You."

love & light...♥


The Violoncello aka Cello.

I long to learn this instrument.
Just the motion of playing it, is so beautiful
It's sound is so distinctive from common instruments. There is a deep yearning budding out of this instrument.
I have no intention of limiting myself to learning solely one instrument. I've always felt an instrument has it's own soul, just as it produces it's own sound. I wanted to share this beautiful piece with you. 2Cellos cover of U2's 'With Or Without You'.

love & light...♥

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

"I stand undone, and I'm amazed..." | Rita Springer

I wanted to share this beautiful song, this Tuesday morning.
Now more than ever am I fascinated by the wonder of God. It is a beautiful mystery how He is able to capture me, over and over.

This song has moved me.
Each word, weighted.

Rita has a way of letting the rawness/honesty of her worship come forth in such a beautiful way. She is one of my few inspirations. I pray our hearts will be open, coming undone solely for Christ, that He will always have His rightful place, rule and reign in our hearts.

love & light...♥

Sunday, 27 April 2014


"Enchantment needs a mind, and the emotions are given as a wellspring." - Ravi Zacharias

Those words and I found myself returning to a favourite past time of mine, drawing and painting.
Honestly, it has been too long. I remember nights I would stay up painting, creating. Long before I played any instrument. In those moments I found my self lost, in a trance so to speak. I've missed the feeling of paint, the colours between my fingers.
Our God is an artist. With an eye and heart for beauty. A gift He has imparted in many of His children. The least I can do is share mine.

I saw a beautiful print by Catherine Parr called 'Meditation'. Here is my version (I used watercolours for this).

Currently listening to:

love & light...♥

Thursday, 24 April 2014

How Old is the Essence of You?

(Image by Oleg Oprisco)

'N.B. To be read whilst Bryan and Katie Torwalt's 'Weight of Glory' plays in the background.'

How old is the essence of you?

How old is the essence of you!
The age of a spirit, it cannot be measured.
I came from a place, boundless of time
From glory, and
Back to glory will I return.
To the glory of the Eternal, Uncreated One.

"Let no man despise you of your youth!" They say.
But what did You say?

I dance, I revel in You, and
For that sacred moment
I realise, unawares
I am nothing but a spirit.

A spirit set free!
A spirit borne witness to.
I am known; I long to know

For the glory of One I came
For Him and Him alone to be exalted!
For that intimacy to be deeper
For me to understand just how loving You are!
For it not to be taken for granted,
It was all I had known, now it is all I know.

"So let the weight of Your glory
Come and settle on us now..."

love & light...♥

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

"For I have kept you..." | Andrea Marie Reagan

So, it has been a while since I shared beautiful music. Partly because I have struggled to find something genuine. 
I wanted to share the beautiful Andrea Marie Reagan with you all, this Tuesday evening. You'll recognise her voice from some of United Pursuit's worship records.
There is such a simplicity about her, her spirit and it comes out in her lyrical writing and her spirit when she sings out. I hope you enjoy and are just as captivated as I am.

You can purchase her beautiful record 'Here Begin' on iTunes!
Visit: Andrea Marie Music

"We're all rubies in the dust, waiting to be seen.
Waiting to be clean, just longing to be free." 
love & light...♥

Friday, 18 April 2014

Loving the Miles, For Your Sake | Mary Oliver

It's Good Friday; I wanted to share this.
Such a beautiful poem, capturing the experience of coming to God in the first days.
Too often we can easily get caught up in the daily drudgeries of life we forget that moment, that experience of coming to God in our first days. Mary Oliver beautifully captures her experience, I am sure, experienced uniquely by many lovers of God.
For His sake, may we continually love the miles.

By Mary Oliver
Coming to God: First days

Lord, what shall I do that I
can’t quiet myself?
Here is the bread, and
here is the cup, and
I can’t quiet myself.

To enter the language of transformation!
To learn the importance of stillness,
    with one’s hands folded!

When will my eyes of rejoicing turn peaceful?
When will my joyful feet grow still?
When will my heart stop its prancing
    as over the summer grass?

Lord, I would run for you, loving the miles for your sake.
I would climb the highest tree
to be that much closer.

Lord, I will learn also to kneel down
into the world of the invisible,
    the inscrutable and the everlasting.
Then I will move no more than the leaves of a tree
    on a day of no wind,
bathed in light,
like the wanderer who has come home at last
and kneels in peace, done with all unnecessary things;
every motion; even words.
love & light...♥


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