Tuesday, 18 October 2011

TM + TN | Jesus Culture

"You stay the same through the ages
Your love never changes
There may be pain in the night, but JOY comes in the morning.

& when the oceans rage
I don't have to be afraid
Because I know that you love me,
Your Love Never Fails."

love & light...♥

Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday's Wisdom |The Virtuous Woman

Initially Posted: 14/10/2011, 11:13am
This post has seemed to get a lot of views solely based on the scriptural pictures so I thought I would share my insights on Proverbs 31, what God has spoken to me about this Proverb & what I have learnt from others ministering on this Proverb; that it might touch you as it has touched me.

love & light...♥

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Take The Walk in Southampton UK!!!

Hello all!!!

I am really excited to announce that I will be hosting a walk in Southampton UK, Nov 19th!!! This will be the first walk I have hosted myself but the 3rd walk taken!!

TakeTheWalk.net: Southampton

Here's my little description of what I am walking for:
Take the walk in Southampton, UK!
As a student nurse studying at Southampton University, health care is undoubtedly at the tip of my mind. With a West African (Ghana) background, I became partial to this movement when the band Hanson first launched this campaign & have decided to host my very own walk to support health care and promote this initiative.

Starting small is a big difference in itself so please come and join me to take the walk and together we can make a difference.

Feel free to contact me via this blog for more information about this walk or leave a comment on this open facebook event I have set up & let me know if you have any queries!


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