Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Breaking the Binding, Through Smoke.

N.B. to be read with NEEDTOBREATHE'S 'Through Smoke' playing in the background. This came to me a few years ago, now I have managed to complete it.

To my left, to my right.
I am surrounded by the noise.

I yell,
But will I ever be heard?
Yell, and I will never be heard.

"A thousand teachers and very few fathers.."
Finding it harder to hear You.
So, I stop.

How did I get here? Lost?!.
It echoes. I wait, I listen,
For a voice, so small.

On the floor. Desperate.
Fumbling, searching, for what I should know.
With that, I break the binding.

You separate my right from wrong.
You define the truth from their answers.
You are my liberation.

"When I'm lost in a place that I thought I knew, give me some way that I might find You."

love & light...♥

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