Saturday, 2 March 2013

Darling Insta Challenge

Darling Magazine have started an instagram challenge for the month of March, with cool quirky questions which I thought would be fun to do. So here it is! I will be posting mine on here and on twitter! If you participate, don't forget to: #DarlingInstaChallenge

Day 1: The Place Where You Find Rest - In Christ

Day 2: Favourite Tool In The Kitchen: My personal recipe book!

Day 3: Reason Why You Last Laughed Uproarously: The pony dancing to Fleetwood Mac!

Day 4: Favourite Word: Because

Day 5: Must Read: The Book of Isaiah!!

Day 6: View Of Your City/Town: London & Southampton, UK

Day 7: Family Heirloom: Kente Cloth (A Ghanian Culture Heirloom)

Day 8: Next Trip You Hope To Take: To Virginia USA (again) please!

Day 9: How Do You Take Your Coffee: Coffee? Hot Chocolate #ALLTHEWAY!

Day 10: Beauty In Unexpected Places:

Day 11 & 12: Your Darling Persona/Something Dreamy: The Dreamer/My Painting:

love & light...♥

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