Tuesday, 6 November 2012


So, I'm really excited for this Tuesday's music session. Two brothers (Luke and Joel) form 'for KING & COUNTRY'. Here's a little bit about them and the music:

“We want to deliver a message that is about believing in something much bigger than oneself,” explains Luke. “The title track of the album has a line in the chorus that very plainly says, ‘hope is what we crave.’ You can confidently go through the ups and downs in your life because you know that life isn’t all about you and what you do but rather the hope and salvation of Christ.” 

“We want to be known for writing music that is authentic, real and from the heart,” adds Joel. “Music has been a very therapeutic thing for us."

They're also the younger brothers of Rebecca St. James! Enjoy the music.
Visit their website here.

love & light...♥

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