Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday's Wisdom | The Freedom to Just Be

"I sometimes wonder if we give ourselves and others the freedom to be shy on Monday and outgoing on Tuesday." - Darling Magazine

Sometimes we need to allow others the grace to be weak and the freedom to just be.
I've come to realise when we don't leave room for this we, in turn, expect too much from others and often times too little. Things we could never expect or achieve on our own part, thus unknowingly imparting the responsibility on others when actually, it is God who fulfills all criteria.

Not everyone has gone through similar situations or circumstances you have been in or are currently going through, yet we become disappointed when we  feel as if we don't get enough or the right support from the people we expect it from the most; our friends and family. In this life, people will fail you. Not because they set out to but simply consider the option that they are unaware of how to help you through the situation. It is so important that we don't measure a man according to his mistakes or inability to provide for you. God is our ultimate provider. We depend upon Him, completely, absolutely. He will never disappoint you.

love & light...♥

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