Friday, 2 March 2012

Renee The Movie | TWLOHA

This is fast becoming one of my favourite films & I haven't even seen it yet. I have been a supporter of TWLOHA for some years now and when the production for Renee started, I had been on/off keeping up to date with the videos they had been posting in the midst of its production. I recently saw this one which focuses on the music in the film. I was blown away at how they had conceptualised music in such a way that it was fueled on her imagination. Its something that I find difficult to describe in words. Music is a very beautiful gift & it never ceases to amaze me the extent of a journey it can take you to. Like Renee, I was once dependent on music and used it as my escape goat from all the crap that was happening around me. Nowadays, I'm in a much happier place & like many music lovers, its very difficult to separate what you see/feel from what you hear. I have a feeling this film will relate to a lot people in this generation, solely on music alone, & hope the story inspires them like it has done me.

"I am grateful to be learning to: hope without expectation & love without an agenda." - Renee Yohe

love & light...♥

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