Friday, 17 February 2012

Friday's Wisdom | Fear of Failure

Free People recently posted this picture on their facebook. I read it, then I laughed. Not because I found it humorous but because for a moment I found myself in the 'laugh or cry' situation.

It got me wondering how often we tend not to do things simply because of the option of failure or in many cases, the fear of failure. Letting failure be a hindrance, a barrier to stop you from achieving what it is you want to achieve. I've seen this happen too often in many people including myself. Yes I have fallen victim to this many times. I find myself looking back, if I had just taken a step, or if I had said something, how different would things be to how life is now?

After what I had read REALLY sunk in, thoughts began to run through my mind over the many things I would like to achieve but fear and doubt in myself began to push them away, but what if for a moment you let them stay at the forefront of your mind, let it manifest in your mind, in your heart & let that seed grow. Scary, isn't it?

love & light...♥

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