Sunday, 19 December 2010

Vanilla Sky.

"No I've never seen the Sky as Vanilla as tonight..."

So I've just finished watching the film Vanilla Sky & now my heart aches. So beautiful.

I came across the film through Tyler Hilton's song 'I Believe In You", and even though he explained why the film inspired him to write it, I felt the urge to watch the film to better my own understanding and interpretations in relation to the song.

I won't lie, I did find the film confusing towards the end.
The film deals with battling dreams against reality and it soon reaches the point where the audience, alongside the main character (Tom Cruise), try to find a solid boundary between what is real and what isn't. It addresses one's ability to control their life, their thoughts, their actions, on a wider scale. The wider scale being able to decide the kind of life you live; in terms of events that occur and how they occur.
That's what I find most appealing about this film. Control, or lack of it. What I also find quite cunning about this film is we get an outward perspective revolving around the developing story. The outward perspective narrates us through the story & eventually tails on towards the end.

I really want to delve more into this film an analyse it to the core on here but I don't think my own views will suffice. Either that or I'll be here forever & a day.
It is a film you have to watch to truly understand and gain its core essence. Very moving and beautiful film. Not everything is at it seems.

Needless to say this has become one of my favourite films & it is a definite recommendation!

'Vanilla Sky' by Monet

love & light...♥

Current Read: 'Siddhartha' by Hermann Hesse

I leave you with I Believe In You

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