Friday, 24 December 2010

Moments Passed

I'm sure we all have our sanctuary's or places we retreat to, to relax and unwind.
During my first year of university, mine was my room.

A couple of days before I left halls, I took pictures of what it became and my favourite 'spots/items' in my room. I haven't really done much with them yet, but I thought I'd post them here.


Beauty on the outside

Currently Listening to: Eastmountainsouth

love & light...♥

Food for thought:

"They say 'Home is where the heart is'... so where is yours?"


LaurenSchoon said...

I like those feather earrings!

xborrowedheavenx said...

Thank you hun! I got them from - sadly they don't do the gold one's anymore but etsy have a few!

love & light, always ♥

p.s. I'll check out your blog!


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