Sunday, 2 March 2014

I danced with You like no other.


N.B. to be read whilst Rick Pino's 'My Romance' plays in the background. (started 1/1/14; reflections of 2013)

With patience, with endurance.

With patience, with endurance.
I ran, I run.
I danced with You like no other.

You birthed something new in me.
Set on fire, I sang anew.
I sang a new song.

In every heartbeat, You were there.
In my joy and despair, You were there.
You heard my cry and answered.
You taught me to trust, so I did.

In every chord, melody, I felt You.
The wind whispered Your praises.
The earth sang of Your goodness.
As sure as the sunrise, greatly were You to be praised!

Truly, there is something in Your laughter.

Like the Autumn leaves, I fell.
You taught me to wait. Still,
You teach me to wait.

You humbled me again,
You showed me of Your goodness.
Your faithfulness.
I am my brother's keeper.

Now I stand before You
To be filled, emptied and filled again.
To sow, to bear fruit and sow again.
To testify, to be tested and testify again.

Not knowing what lies before me,
You order my steps. You are my guide.
I am Your beloved. A vessel to be used for Your glory.
So will I always dance with You like no other.

My soul can't dance without You,
Unto You, be ALL the Glory!

love & light...♥

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