Thursday, 19 December 2013

On Journaling.

Such a beautiful post by Audrey Assad.
I couldn't encourage this form of expression any more than I could ever try.

 "It’s almost a sacred thing in some ways, journaling—it’s quite vulnerable, leaving your thoughts and emotions on a piece of paper where anyone might ravage them, thus knowing you in a way you never intended. Perhaps this is part of the magic of it: as long as my thoughts, feelings, and deeply personal perspectives remain completely private, I am not confronted with exactly how much they mean to me. This is the threshing floor aspect of journaling for me: I write things down, and some of them leave my mind entirely, having been dumped in a place where they can no longer take up valuable space: but some of them grow and shiver with life, rising in front of me like new trees, and I must give them my time and attention, my love and my care."

Read the full blog post HERE

love & light... ♥

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