Tuesday, 2 April 2013

TM + TN | Matt Wertz

I am so excited to share Matt Wertz this Tuesday evening! I've been a fan of his since he toured with Hanson in 2008! His music is so beautiful, cuts deep to the soul. Matt recently released a new promo EP on Noisetrade. Listening to it only a day in, I have loved every chord, beat and nuance of each song, down to the ones I previously know by heart.
With this EP, he released the new song 'Whenever You Love Somebody' which I had to share with you. Here's a little bit about the song too:

"Whenever You Love Somebody, from Whenever/Wherever, April 1, 2013
When I set out to start writing this new album, I kept finding myself drawn to the singer-songwriters from the late 80's; Richard Marx, Bryan Adams, Kenny Loggins, etc. In an attempt to channel their genius, I bought a chorus guitar pedal, broke out my Fender Stratocaster and started programming drum grooves to write to. I love this song because it really nails the whole 80's ballad thing I was going for- you gotta crank it up Higher, HIGHER! "

Check out more of Matt's music at MattWertz.com
Download the EP from Noisetrade: Matt Wertz 'Collection'

"You risk it all to feel that fire
This crazy falling takes you higher, higher..."

love & light...♥

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