Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year, New Dreams.

First blog post of 2013; happy new year!
I recently came across a blog post which couldn't have possibly come at a better time.

"In light of what I'm calling my recent "third-life crisis," I've been dreaming brand new dreams that feel foreign and uncomfortable. Dreaming new dreams is scary but exhilarating at the same time. I've been gazing into my life's rear view mirror to look at the things that made me come alive as a freckle-faced little girl and I've been rekindling them: wide open spaces, dolphins, the sea, horses, dancing, running, sports, books, drawing, writing, creating.

At the same time I've been reflecting on the things that have been killing my soul, subtly but violently:
comparison, fear of what others think, social media, worry over money and financial security, negative body-image, socially acceptable addictions, noise.

What are some of the dreams of your little girl heart? What are the things that have been killing them, subtly but dangerously?"

Lately I've been feeling bogged down with the things that have been killing my soul, scrambling to find that place where I dreamed passionately and burned for the things that made me come alive.
Similar to Allie, the things that made me come alive as a young girl were: dreaming of riding horses in open fields, clear blue skies, dancing, music, READING like no other, writing endlessly, daydreaming of the unknown, drawing, visiting America!

As for the things that have been weighing me down: my busy work schedule, focusing on the here, now and what IS; not pushing for the 'something more' like I used to.

Lately, my prayer has been to be persistent and dream for the something more, fearlessly. Not being afraid to dream and not growing weary in these times, understanding that there will be moments I will be most uncomfortable but knowing and believing beauty will be borne from it all. I hope and pray that you are equally encouraged as I was by Allie's post, not being afraid to dream new dreams and remembering to take the time to realise when you are becoming too immersed in the 'what is' and accepting it knowing full well God has much more in store for your life.

love & light...♥

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