Monday, 4 June 2012

Feeling Distant From The Lord

"I wish that life could be carefree, sunny, never cloudy
But You said that I would be In Your arms when things get crazy
So when the storm doesn’t go-oh-oh away I have decided to si-i-ing in the rain."

There are times I find, I need to slow down, especially when life is getting hectic, and immerse myself in God and His word. Otherwise, I am rendered weak, frail, tired and fragile. My mind cannot focus on Him and neither can my heart.
I often question: 'What is it all for? The stress, late nights working on assignments. Who am I trying to please?'
These questions quickly knock me back to the feet of God. Yes, it is good to be successful in life and reap all the good things that come along with it, but when it comes to a point that my heart, mind and soul are displaced, when God is not the center and focus of it all, I find myself re-adjusting my priorities and reminding myself of what IS important in this life for the next.

Life is hard, and yes I wish life was a lot more 'carefree, sunny, never cloudy' but without suffering and pain (no matter how great or small the situation is), beauty will not prevail in it's purest form, and neither would God's goodness. I guess it just about finding the balance, never forgetting to seek God first and early in every situation, giving Him our total worship and devotion above ALL things (Psalm 63v1).

love & light...♥

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