Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Anthro, I Love You.

So, over the past two weeks I've been home, I've had a little Anthropologie shopping spree. I've purchased some really cute & unique gifts for myself. Next time I'm in there (which will be VERY soon before I leave back for the semi-final round of University) I'm going to try and get a few things for my mum & girlfriends. Here's some of the things I got:

Anthropologie 'Tome Stack Candle'
I adore the uniqueness of this candle, I've never seen anything like it, something to add to my collection.

Anthropologie 'Taste-Test Recipe Book'

I've already started adding recipes of my mum's cooking in here, simply because she's an amazing cook. My cousins & I want to do frequent cooking sessions so this will come in handy!

love & light...♥

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