Tuesday, 15 March 2011

To Live Life..

How to live your life.
Live life to the full.
39 ways to fully live your life.
etc, etc, etc.

If you think this is going to be one of those "How to live life" guides or blogs, then I think you'll find, in the top right hand corner of the screen, an "X"; click it.

This is an itch I've been wanting scratch for quite some time now. I've been questioning myself as to whether I have been living my life fully (so far) and in all honesty, in some aspects yes, in others no. The only reason I've come to this conclusion is because I know... I know what I want from this life and what I need in this life. I know what moves my soul and what stirs my heart; there are times I feel I don't get enough/a healthy dose of this. Mostly due to the environment I'm in, some of the choices I make or financial reasons... hopefully all that will change this summer, or at least the end of this University year.

Everybody has a different temperament and the only way to live YOUR life fully is to suit that temperament. There is no point living it or measuring it up against someone else's ideals as they will never be able to fully fulfil your own.

Take travelling for example, there are people in this life who have hardly been anywhere in the world yet have seen, felt, experienced so much. Then there are some who travel endlessly and blindly, yet they are the one's who see, feel and experience nothing. Unless you have a soul purpose, a driven reason, why bother?

Life is there to live your own experiences not to re-live somebody else's. Live it for you, in ALL possible aspects; relationships, friendships, family, music, art, performance, health care... change. Anything and everything. Live it full of beauty and passion.

love & light...

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