Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tuesday Mornings + Tuesday Nights | The Pierces!

I don't know how to express my love for this sisterly duo! I think I'm addicted to the style and visual concept of their music videos more than anything else. It's the epitome of me. I first came across them when they opened up for Lissie in London last year (2010) December but didn't really follow them up, though, I enjoyed the music I had heard. I then came across another song of theirs named 'You'll Be Mine' this year & needless to say I am hooked. It is so enchanting, mystical, luring, captivating, mindblowing... I could go on!

So much praise for these two sisters I don't know where to start!
Like someone said, it is a bit like ABBA meets Fleetwood Mac (which is NOT a bad thing for me at all, might I add!). Quirky but beautifully written lyrics, melodies, everything. I'm bursting with excitement I've even pre-ordered their album & that is saying something as I never pre-order!

Sadly I missed a live performance of their's in London just last week but hopefully I'll be seeing & hearing more of them in the coming months!
Album drops: 23rd May 2011

love & light...♥

"Now you know, now you know how I feel & I won't back down."

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